Bangladesh Organic Products Manufacturers Association

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BOPMA is a membership-based association for all sectors of the organic industry, from farm to retail, and for all types of products- food, personal care, healthcare fiber/textiles, and more. BOPMA stays on top of the latest issues and trends that affect organic trade and takes action as necessary on behalf of its members. BOPMA represents the industry’s interests to regulators, legislators, the media, and the public.

When you become a BOPMA member, you’ll immediately expand your network and have something in common with over 500 other businesses in the organic industry. The members of this Association will access to the Global Organic Markets very soon introducing Bangladeshi Organic and Safe products.

The honourable members will enjoy, learn, achieve the following benefits –

01. Supports for Organic Agriculture (Land preparation seeds, fertilizer, irrigation, pest management, weed management, crops rotation, intercropping, mixed cropping, harvesting, processing, preserving etc.)

02. Supports producing Organic and safe products

03. Supports producing nutritious, healthcare and personal care products

04. Supports establishing Organic Fertilizer factory at every Upajila

05. Supports establishing Organic Pesticide factory at every district

06. Supports establishing Agro-based and innovative products industries

07. Supports creating markets and providing customers in the global market

12. Supports establishing linkage among the growers, traders and buyers

13. Supports regulating, amending, inserting, changing acts, laws, policies

14. Supports for ecological and sustainable business development

15. Supports in national and international logistic issues

16. Supports avoiding harassments

17. Supports getting cash incentives in agro products exportation

18. Supports achieving bank loans on agro based industries

19. Supports quality controls, laboratory testings and certification issuance

20. Supports scientific research works

21. Supports to all legal activities of the members

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